Expert View : Dr. H Anil Kumar, IIM Ahmedabad


1. Since when is Vikram Sarabhai Library, IIM Ahmedabad using J-Gate?
We have been using J-Gate for two years now.

2. Is this useful for the students, researchers & faculty? How do they get to know about the platform?
Yes, the platform is useful for all library users, especially the researchers. J-Gate is prominently placed on the library website and we also do mail promotion to make the users aware of this service.

3. How has it simplified your role as a Librarian? What would your recommendation be to other librarians?
Discovery of content is one of the most important services that libraries can offer. J-Gate has the potential to make this discovery happen. If the libraries are considering the implementation of a discovery service in their library, then J-Gate is an option to consider.
The pricing of J-Gate is very relevant and apt for the Indian markets.

4. What are the features of J-Gate that you really like (your favourite features both as a Librarian & as a Researcher)?
Discovery of content by authors is an excellent feature.

5. Please give us your views on improving the customer/user experience of using J-Gate? (Also what are the features that need improving?)
Focus on the relevance of retrieval. This is the core of any discovery service.

6. Does J-Gate make sharing of resources easy for the librarian? Please elaborate
It does make it very convenient and easy for the librarian to share resources.

7. What is the one thing you like most about your job as a librarian of IIM Ahmedabad, top MBA College of the country?
The one thing that I enjoy the most is the feeling that I work towards facilitating some of the brightest minds of India in their learning pursuits.

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