J-Gate @ Consortia

J- Gate @ Consortia

A search platform with a resource-sharing facility for members of the consortium. This product is customized for coverage of Consortium subscribed journals as well as member library subscribed journals. A customised service developed and delivered to a library consortium for the exclusive access and use of its registered closed-user-group members only, who desire to share resources and infrastructure through an agreement.

A single cloud based database containing journal articles available through the consortia and the libraries of all the participating members Online Journal Access Catalogue (OJAC)

Resource sharing platform for all journals, to all the faculty and students of institutes creating one single gateway to the library subscribed journals

A metadata framework for the entire consortia at one single place on the cloud accessible to all the participating members

Bibliographic access to all journal holdings of all the members on one single platform

Provision for Document Delivery Request tracker

Customization made possible for Journal coverage as desired by the consortium, Resource-sharing features as defined by the customers, User interface within the features and functionalities of J-Gate