Expert View : Dr. Bhojaraju Gunjal, NIT Rourkela


1. Since when is your organisation using J-Gate?

We started using J-Gate since we became a part of E-Shodh Sindhu Consortium, we’ve been using it for almost 3-4 years.

2. Is this useful for the students, researchers & faculty? How do they get to know about the platform?

Students and faculty are well aware of J-Gate; we conduct orientation programs for the users. We also conduct workshops to provide them hands-on experience on the usage of J-Gate.

3. How has it simplified your role as a Librarian?

Yes. We have a research support wing inside our library, queries keep coming from students, scholars & faculty and we provide support by suggesting resources. J-Gate is useful. We have configured it on our Library home page. When research queries come we help students & researchers by using J-Gate.

J-Gate has both browse and search facility, which is very useful for someone who wants to search for a publication.

4. Please detail how J-Gate can help a researcher (User)?

While students and faculty are well aware of J-Gate, I can’t say what the extent of the usage and benefit is. We have 5000 users & 20 departments, as I don’t have specific data points to provide specifics of usage.

5. What are the features of J-Gate that you really like (your favourite features)?

As far as search is concerned, it is a very useful tool. I can select some articles and store/save them in my library, my folders, my favourite etc. I can also share it with my peers. If I want to collaborate with someone on a project, that is also possible.

If the full-text article is not available, the user can reach out to the author by clicking on the author’s name. Our students are using this facility effectively and authors are responding within 2-3 days of reaching out. When a research scholar wants a particular article, this is a very good feature.

6. Please give us your views on improving the customer experience of using J-Gate? (What are the features that need improving?)

Our usage is very good, but I am unable to monitor the usage as I don’t have a mechanism or facility to check the pattern. I don’t have data points to provide you specific answers to usage patterns. Getting access to login details can help me promote or improve the usage of J-Gate internally, which has been communicated to the product team of J-Gate.

7. Does J-Gate make sharing of resources easy for the librarian?

8. Are there any additional points you would like to add?

Yes, the interlibrary loan facility is good. Even the ability to collaborate is really useful. SJR, H-Index etc. Journal citations are good.


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