FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

J-Gate help desk received a number of queries frequently asked by customers. As a service to other customers who may have similar questions, answers to these FAQs are provided below.

I. General information

I. General information

1. What is J-Gate? 

J-Gate is an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature. Launched in 2001 by Informatics India Limited, J-Gate provides seamless access to millions of journal articles available online offered by 15,385 Publishers. It presently has a massive database of journal literature, indexed from 67,628 e-journals with links to full text at publisher sites. J-Gate also plans to support online subscription to journals, electronic document delivery, archiving and other related services.


2. Who should use J-Gate?  

Libraries, Students and faculties of Colleges and universities, scientists, engineers, practitioners and researchers of R&D, industries, corporate etc use J-Gate for their educational and research needs and to know the latest developments in their respective area of interest.


3. How often is the J-Gate database updated? 

J-Gate database is updated on a daily basis to ensure that you have immediate access to the latest content.


4. How latest is the content on J-Gate when compared to publisher's website? 

There is zero to two day lag in content when compared to publisher's website.


5. What types of journals are included in J-Gate? 

J-Gate primarily indexes journals which are scientific and scholarly, it also includes professional & industry journals. Journals indexed in J-Gate should have full text articles and there is no subject restriction for inclusion. J-Gate covers journals published in English or at least Table of Contents and abstracts are in English. J-Gate indexes both open access and non open access journals.


6. How does J-Gate mark a journal as peer reviewed? 

J-Gate flags a journal as peer reviewed if only the same is indicated by the publishers on their websites


7. What are the types of Open Access Journals included in J-Gate? 

Currently J-Gate marks only those journals as open access which is free. It excludes those Open Access journals which require online registration.


8. Are the journals subject classified using Library of Congress or Dewey Decimal classification or any standards subject headings? 

No, J-Gate uses a proprietary subject classification system to classify journals.


9. Whom do I contact to get a journal included in J-Gate? 

To get your journal indexed in J-Gate, please send an email with the name of the journal and its URL to jgatelicensing@informaticsglobal.com.


10. Where do I get user instructions/help? 

a. Context sensitive online help: The help button is located on the top navigation bar on all screens of J-Gate .

b. Online help facility: By clicking 'On Line Support' button provided on the bottom navigation bar, you will get help from one of our technical staff to resolve your queries.

c. If you require further technical assistance please contact jcoordinator@informaticsglobal.com.


11. How can I request for Trial access? 

Please send an email to jcoordinator@informaticsglobal.com with your Name, Institution/Organization Name & address along with your email id.


II. J-Gate Coverage Statistics

1. How many journals are there in the portal? 

Presently J-Gate indexes 67,628 journals


2. How many are peer reviewed journals? 

Out of 67,628 journals indexed 66,330 are peer reviewed journals


3. How many Open Access Journals are there in J-Gate? 

35,604 Open Access Journals are indexed in J-Gate


4. How many Open access Peer Reviewed Journals are in there in J-Gate? 

34,808 Open access Peer Reviewed Journals are in there in J-Gate


5. How many Indian journals? 

5,957 Indian journals are indexed in J-Gate


6. How many Indian peer reviewed journals? 

5,836 Indian peer reviewed journals are in J-Gate


7. How many publishers are indexed in J-Gate? 

15,385 publishers are indexed in J-Gate


8. How many articles are indexed in J-Gate? 

82,763,896 articles are covered in J-Gate


9. How many open access articles are indexed in J-Gate? 

24,514,600 Open access articles are indexed in J-Gate


III. Features & Functionalities & Access related

1. What features are available in J-Gate? 

The following features are available in J-Gate

a. Basic search

b. Advance Search

c. Journal finder

d. Author finder

e. Alert services

f. Rights & access management system

g. Provision to filtering search results


2. How to register for getting regular Alerts? 

Click on the 'Alerts' button provided on the top navigation bar and register by giving your name & email_id. After registration, please select the journals for which you are interested in getting alerts and save the profile. Upon saving your profile, you will get regular alerts.


3. Can I email articles using J-Gate? 

Yes, you can email the articles retrieved and selected from J-Gate.


4. Can I download articles from the J-Gate site? 

Yes, you can download articles from J-Gate from all open access journals and the journals subscribed by your library.


5. How to search articles? What is the difference between Quick Search & Advance Search 

To search articles, J-Gate Currently provides both Basic Search and Advance Search modes

(i) Basic Search, meant for starters/novices, can be used by typing in search box or by picking autosuggest keywords. These keywords are searched in Title, Abstract, and Keywords of the articles. You can do Boolean search or exact phrase search and also limit your search results for the following parameters

a. subjects

b. Peer reviewed journals

c. Professional & industry journals

d. Open access journals

e. Indian journals

(ii) In Advance Search, meant for by experienced users. You can do lot of combination searches and restrict your search to any of the parameters.

a. Pick and choose the field(s) provided in the dropdown menu like Article Title, Author, Author affiliation, Title/Keywords/Abstract, Title/Keywords etc.

b. Perform Boolean searches

c. Perform exact phrase search

d. Nested logic search

e. You can limit your search results within a wide range like

i. Subjects

ii. Peer reviewed journals

iii. Professional & industry journals

iv. Open access journals

v. Publication year

vi. Pick from journal list


6. How to access full text articles which are not subscribed by my institution but available in the portal? 

To access the full text articles which are not subscribed by your institution, you can either send an email to the author using the author email id provided or you can write to one of the institutions listed against the article under 'Find-in-a-Library'.


7. Can I access the table of contents for all the journals subscribed by my library 

Yes, you can access the table of contents for all the journals subscribed by your library through J-Gate.


8. I have access to J-Gate portal, but not able to access fulltext at publisher site 

Please contact jcoordinator@informaticsglobal.com


IV. Subscription

1. How do I subscribe to J-Gate? 

You can either call +91 80 40387777 (Extn: 1013) or email to info@informaticsglobal.com to request for detailed pricing information, with your name & institution/organization name & address. Our regional representative will get in touch with you.


2. I have subscribed to J-Gate, but am not able to access the product? 

Your institution access details would have changed. You may please contact jcoordinator@informaticsglobal.com.


3. Is access to J-Gate through IP or by Username/Password? 

J-Gate provides access as requested by the clients, either IP or username/Password or both.


4. Do you offer product training and how do I request for the same? 

Yes, we do offer product training; please send in your request to info@informaticsglobal.com, along with your name and institution/organization name & address. Our training staff will get in touch with you to discuss the date and other details within 2 working days from the date of receipt of request.


V. Technical Questions

1. Does J-Gate provide technical support? 

Yes, J-Gate provides technical support. You can either call +91 80 40387777 (Extn: 1010) or email to jcoordinator@informaticsglobal.com. An online help resource is available between 9AM to 5PM on all working days. Please feel free to come online and chat with one of our service representatives who would be glad to furnish you with the information you seek.


2. Do you charge for technical support? 

No, technical support is provided for free to all J-Gate subscribers via email or telephone.


3. Browser compatibility 

For best user experience, we recommend the following:

(i) Set display resolution to 1024 x 768 or higher

(ii) Use IE9+, Firefox 16+, Chrome 22+


VI. For Publishers

1. How do I get my journal indexed in J-Gate? 

To get your journal indexed in J-Gate, please send an email with the title of the journal and its URL to jgatelicensing@informaticsglobal.com.


2. What are the criteria for including a journal in J-Gate? 

The criterion to index a journal in J-Gate is that it should be available online and at least Table of contents and abstracts should be in English.


3. Do you charge for indexing my journal in J-Gate? 

No, we do not charge for indexing journal in J-Gate. We appreciate publisher participation in this process by regularly providing us updates.


4. How do I make changes or corrections to my Journals listed in J-Gate? 

Please send an email with details to be corrected to jgatelicensing@informaticsglobal.com


5. Do you provide usage reports? 

Yes, COUNTER usage reports are provided


VII. For Librarians

1. Do you provide usage reports? 

Yes, COUNTER 4 compliant usage reports are provided


2. Who will configure & host my library journals & their holdings in J-Gate? 

As a one-time support we will offer you our services in configuring your library's journal collection. Subsequent updating will have to be done online by you for which we are providing tools through admin login.


3. Can I customize the home page using my institutional logo & name? 

Yes, your home page can be customized using your institutional logo & name.


4. Can I include my print titles? 

Yes, you can include & configure print journals subscribed by your library in J-Gate, provided these are listed & indexed in J-Gate.