J-Gate Campus Ambassador Program

The J-Gate Ambassador Program is a platform for students who are passionate about research to start and run an active research club in their college.
A J-Gate Ambassador should be a leader with a keen interest in starting and building a research community.

Why J-Gate Ambassador Program?

  • To promote J-Gate within your college
  • To organize research events and meetups
  • To connect with other ambassadors, share resources and get to know about fellow researchers

What has J-Gate planned for you?

  • Authorized globally recognized experience certificate from J-Gate after completion of the program
  • Certificate and letter of recommendation on successful completion of the program
  • Most active college ambassadors will get free passes to J-Gate events
  • Exclusive J-Gate merchandise & goodies
  • Certificate of appreciation from J-Gate

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Help new users familiarise with J-Gate
  • Conduct J-Gate training workshops and address the issues faced by the students
  • Be the go-to person for any queries related to J-Gate
  • Create a J-Gate Facebook, WhatsApp page/group for your college and use it to promote activities and information of J-Gate in your college
  • Associating J-Gate with your college technical festivals, competitions and events

Who can apply?

Students having strong leadership and immense love for research, are most welcome to be a part of our extended family from their respective colleges.


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