The Importance of Lighting and Ambiance in Research


Ever wondered why every other fast food joint in the town is typically colored red!?
Wouldn’t you feel deceived if I told you that the restaurant management does that to manipulate us?
So did I, when I learned that bright shades of red have the power to stimulate our appetite besides luring us to visit the restaurant in the first place!
Every color you see in a restaurant doesn’t only make it look pretty but is cleverly chosen for a reason.

That, my friends, is evidence of ambiance meddling with your brain.

There is no denying the fact that Ambiance and Lighting are of paramount importance for learning. Millennials who got bothered by power cuts before their board exams will agree with me. In this day and age, with the technology of controlling lights to create the right ambiance at hand, the importance of ambiance and lighting is being overlooked.

I guess the only thing invented in the dark was the bulb. No person can concentrate and be productive under dim and unsteady lights as much as he could be in a brightly lit room. The only thing poor lighting can do to researchers is strain their eye which causes mental fatigue and stress them out. They will end up spending more time squinting than studying.
Humans are drawn to natural light like a moth to a flame. In addition to adding a dash of warmth and life to a room, sunlight can load it with positive vibes. A luminous room can fuel a researcher to come up with innovative thoughts. A room well lit by fluorescents is the closest substitute to a room illuminated with sunshine. It doesn’t only brighten the room, it brightens their mood.

The ambiance is another major aspect which could influence the research.
Trying to focus in a cluttered room is as good as trying to meditate in a fish market. The clutter around you clutters your mind. Organizing your room is the best way to start off.
Pay heed to the colors around you. Colors blue and green makes a room feel more tranquil. Green is proven to increase concentration while blue is found to boost creativity.
Decor also has a key role to play in uplifting the aura of the room. Surrounding themselves with their favorite motivational quotes and posters can go a long way.

The sound around you extremely contributes to the atmosphere of the room. Listening to music could be of assistance to researchers as long as they are comfortable with it. Music must act as a catalyst. Researchers must ensure that they don’t end up focusing on the lyrics instead of their research.

I hope that you have all acknowledged the significance of good lighting and ambiance in research.
A bright place can enlighten you up inside out and it is the ambiance which can turn a house to a home.
Making tiny changes in the lighting and ambiance of your study place can have a colossal effect on your research.


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