What makes a good Conclusion?


In a conclusion paragraph, you wrap up your written work by summarizing the main idea. It gives the reader a sense of closure on the topic. It also makes for an excellent space to leave the readers with something to think about. Here are some tips that can help you write an effective conclusion.

Keep it Short and Simple

Conclusions are short, consisting of a few sentences. They should be crisp and to the point. Using fluff and filler content can distort the readability. Introducing new ideas can confuse the reader and also affect the quality of the paper. So, stick to the scope of the document and highlight the main ideas from a compelling perspective.

Make It Engaging

A polished conclusion can offer the satisfaction of reading a paper worthy of its content. While you are trying to showcase the main ideas, it is essential not to make it too obvious. You can take a step further and make it thought-provoking.

Include Your Thesis Statement

People often tend to read only the introduction or conclusion before deciding on whether or not to read the rest of the paper. So, if anyone reads only the last section of your work, they should be able to get an idea of the main argument of the content. Hence, it is recommended to showcase the thesis in the Conclusion.

Avoid emphasis on minor details

Although the length of a conclusion isn’t rigid, it is crucial to limit it to certain aspects like the essence of the subject matter, and your final thoughts or suggestions. Anything apart from this will carry very little or no value at all. Remember, a conclusion is not the right place for mentioning the not-so-major points.

Do it with conviction

Your written work is considered as a reflection of your effort and thoughts on the matter. So, when you conclude it, your choice of words must have an authoritative touch. It is vital to assert your opinions to the audience while giving it a neat finish to the main idea.

When a conclusion is not strong enough to drive home the point, it weakens the whole content. So, make sure to brief the main idea, while keeping it concise and real. The word choice should echo your thoughts and leave the readers on a mentally stimulating note.

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