Preparing Your Submission

You have completed writing your paper. But is it submission-ready yet? Putting in months of effort to only find silly errors after your submission is not something one would want. Therefore, we suggest you do a once over on your final paper before submission. Here are a couple of things that can help you make sure you’ve got it all in place.

·       Language and Flow

This includes spell check, grammar and style, sentence structure, word choice and flow of logic. Even if you are doing this for the nth time, it’s worth the effort!

·       Format

Ensure your paper meets the expected length requirement. Check the appendix, page margins, page numbering, titles, introduction, word and line spacing, keywords, in-text citations, footnotes and conclusion.

·       Graphics

Pictures and graphs can be used to convey information that cannot be easily communicated in words. So, it’s imperative to ensure clarity and a good resolution along with suitable titles. Charts and tables must have captions and legends. Graphs or statistics taken from different sources must be attributed to the source.

·       Details and Accuracy

Look out for correspondence between in-text citations and the reference list. Numerical consistency between text and tables should be maintained. It is a good practice to verify if correct units of measurement and symbols are used writemypapers. In case of raw data collected from your research, it is usually the case to find values that do not support your study, in instances like these omit those values. There are a lot of external factors which are beyond your control that effect the study.

·       Author Information

Include all the relevant details of the author as per the corresponding journal instructions.

·       Acknowledgement

This involves attributing information sources that are copied or reproduced to avoid plagiarism. Text borrowed from another source should be within quotation marks. And citations for the same need to be mentioned in the reference list.


Be very critical when you examine your research just before your submission. Sometimes the smallest of details matter the most. Months of research coming to an end.

Now, take a break. You’ve earned it!


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