How J-Gate Aids Research

Anyone who has attempted to write an article or a research paper will need to do a lot of reading on the subject. One of the critical issues that researchers face is access to the latest developments in their respective fields. The person will tend to look for content on the internet or even probably ransack bookshelves in a couple of libraries to source relevant and credible Content.

At times like these, the researcher may face challenges in retrieving and tracking the required information from multiple sources, which hampers his/her productivity that could as well reflect in the resulting paper or article; not to mention the massive time it will require.

Repository of Global Journals:

Here’s where J-Gate plays saviour. It is primarily a discovery platform where one can have access to global e-journals. Apart from being the world’s most extensive database of journal articles, its unique features help save time and reduce the efforts of a researcher during the process of gathering data.

Considering it houses more than 51,000,000 journal articles, it serves as a single point of access for all journals. What’s more important is that 10,000 articles are getting added daily.

Its comprehensive journal classification feature comes from the fact that it has more than 47,000 indexed journals and 13,000 plus articles that are indexed based on the publishers. This makes it convenient to look up for information and thus begin with the research.

Ease of Use:

When it comes to browsing for specific content, it could be a tedious task to skim through many articles before we find the right source. J-Gate’s Advanced Filter Options prevents the user from accessing irrelevant sources by refining the search results, thereby zeroing in on only the required ones.

Personalised Access:

A user could create a virtual personal library and put together all articles of one’s choice in it for future reference and quick access.

If you’ve been following a journal on J-Gate and wouldn’t want to miss any updates, you can set an alert. Its simplified navigation and the various filters make it easy for the user to access data on J-Gate.

As an author, you could recommend keyword suggestions for your article. These keywords will help the user find your article when he/she is searching for information on the subject.

If you want to make your printed journals available on the internet, J-Gate offers a solution to digitize the journals online.

Choosing a format for different citations in your article could be a cumbersome task. J-Gate addresses this concern by integrating the various citation formats in the platform. All you got to do is, copy and paste the citation format that you require from a list of options.

So we now know how J-Gate eliminates the hurdles inherent to doing research, thus saving time and increasing the productivity. It is a well-designed platform that meets your research requirements on a single portal.

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