Your Customizable Discovery Platform

Are you a frequent user of J-Gate? Have you familiarised yourself with the various features that are meant to make your research a cake walk? This article attempts to explain the option to customize your search.

Presently J-Gate indexes 49 thousand+ journals and covers 55 million+ articles. While the comprehensive repository is a treasure trove, care has been taken to facilitate your search for even a single article or journal. J-Gate equips you with an array of filters and other customizable features. This helps you get to that specific journal or article you are looking for, more efficiently.

Customisation gives more control back to the user. The whole research experience on the platform could be decided by how well you make use of the features at your disposal. By customizing the search, you are creating a seamless experience for you to conduct your research. Along with providing a good experience to the user, customizing also ensures that the entire collection of journals on the platform are utilized and therefore leveraging the true value of the journals on the platform. 55 Million Articles or 49 Thousand Journals can be easily traversed, thanks to the options that let you customize.

Some of the features that help create a seamless experience on the J-Gate platform are:

  1. Browse by subjects: This feature helps you filter out search results based on the subjects you want to search through.
  2. Journal Articles or Theses: J-Gate recently introduced a feature that lets you search only the Theses, only Journal Articles or both.
  3. Browse by Category: Filter your search through the various kinds of Journals on the platform.
  4. Browse by Journal Ranking: Browse based on the Journal Rankings among the various citation widgets.
  5. Browse by Title: Search based on the A-Z classification of the titles.
  6. Browse by Publisher: Search based on the name of the publishers.
  7. Filter by Country of Publication: Filter your searches based on the country of Publication
  8. Browse by Latest Updates: Browse based on the latest updates on the various subjects.

As you see, J-Gate equips you with all these features and more. This puts you on the driver’s seat, to have a seamless research experience manoeuvre through the platform that best suits your needs. Meanwhile, J-Gate still continuously strives to give you more and equip you with more features.






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